Matsievsky Alexander. Sniper. Hero of Ukraine.

Matsievsky Alexander Igorevich, soldier of the fire support company of the 163rd battalion of the Territorial Defense of the city of Nizhyn of the 119th brigade of the TRO forces.


Sasha Matsievsky. Sniper. Hero of Ukraine.

Sasha Matsievsky. Sniper. Hero of Ukraine.

Alexander Matsievsky was born on May 10, 1980 in the city of Chisinau, Moldova, in 2008 he moved with his family to Ukraine, to the city of Nezhin, where his mother lives. Oleksandr had no experience of military service before, but immediately after the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, he volunteered for the 163rd battalion of the 119th brigade, which defended the Chernihiv region.

He was a man with a very tough character, but in a combat situation one could always rely on him both his comrades and the commander. Reliable and demanding of everyone, but above all to himself.

In November, his unit was transferred to the area of the city of Bakhmut, where he performed tasks for about a month. Alexander Matsievsky and his comrades had a certain level of training and became a fired unit. When the front was broken through near Soledar, and it was necessary to save the brothers who continued to defend the city, the 163rd battalion was alerted.

It is noted that on December 30, in the morning, the fire support company, in which Alexander Matsievsky served as a sniper, took up positions near the city of Soledar, Donetsk region. They had to go into an uncontrolled zone, gain a foothold and hold a forest plantation in order to cover the direction in which there were no longer our troops. The enemy was close, but there was no information on where the enemy unit was located, it was necessary to act quickly in order to save our troops in Soledar. Since our forces were small, and the front had to be controlled wide, Macijevsky’s platoon received a number of separate positions in the bush, which did not allow visual observation one after another. On the extreme flank, five fighters were placed in position, including Alexander Matsievsky.

Sasha Matsievsky. Sniper. Hero of Ukraine.

Sasha Matsievsky. Sniper. Hero of Ukraine.

Our fighters did not have time to study the situation, organize defense, reconnaissance, since almost immediately they were attacked by the enemy, who had already advanced to the line of deployment of our unit. In fact, a counter battle ensued, which lasted 12 hours throughout the entire position. The Nizhyn Terrodefence kept the forest plantation, kept all positions except one. During the battle, communication with a group of fighters and Alexander Matsievsky was lost. His platoon’s attempts to reach these positions met enemy fire, it was clear that the position was captured.

What happened during the battle is unknown. Alexander went into battle in full combat gear. He was ex officio a sniper in a fire support company, but due to certain circumstances, he went into this battle with a conventional machine gun. Obviously, the video of his execution (execution by the Russians, after the words GLORY TO UKRAINE) was filmed after Alexander Matsievsky was captured under unknown circumstances, since there was no equipment on him on the video.

In February, the body of Alexander Matsievsky and two of his brothers was returned home, but at that time there was no information about the circumstances of his death. The bodies of two more missing soldiers have not been returned, the brothers are waiting for information about their fate.

Matsievsky Aleksandur Igorevich was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, posthumously.

Matsievsky Alexander Igorevich. Hero of Ukraine.

Matsievsky Alexander Igorevich. Hero of Ukraine.

On February 14, 2023, Alexander Matsievsky was buried in the cemetery in Nizhyn. Brothers know that the hero has a son of 19 years old. The hero’s mother is Praskovya Mikhailovna Demchuk, lives in the city of Nizhyn.

Video of the execution of Alexander, according to the rules of YouTube, we can not post on our website.
But, we will soon post a link to our Telegram channel, where you can see many videos of battles from the Ukrainian front.

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