War in Ukraine, News from Ukraine, 02 May 2023

Byelo-Moscow and Siversky directions — the enemy continues to shell the border areas. A school in Novgorod-Siversk OTG was destroyed. In general, the losses of the civilian population in recent months are considerable, so when russian soldiers fly into the territory of the russian federation, such actions only evoke a sense of justice.

Swativ direction – local fighting continues along the contact line and artillery shelling from both sides. Traditionally, the most difficult situation is in Serebryan Forestry. No changes have been recorded.

Bakhmut direction – the enemy has improved the tactical position near the medical college in Bakhmut. Despite this, most of the enemy’s attacks failed, although they had to retreat from some buildings in the city.

Most of the city is captured by the Russians, although Prigozhin complains about the lack of shells. The slow advance of the russians in Bakhmut continues only thanks to the mass support of artillery and the already frequent use of guided glide bombs weighing from 500 kg to 1500 kg by aircraft.
Ukraine urgently needs air superiority.

The ruined city of Bakhmut

The ruined city of Bakhmut

Avdiyivskyi direction — katsaps have little success to the west near the height of 213.6 (Vodyane). Attempts to storm Pervomaiske continue, but traditionally the dead were left in the fields near the village. To the east of Avdiivka, attempts are being made to find weak points in our defense.

The Zaporozhye direction is unchanged. Artillery duels between sides. The Katsaps built several lines of deep defense.

The Tavrian direction — clarifications are being made of the line of hostilities on the islands in the Dnieper delta.

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