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Our volunteers know Katya’s family personally. In the photo you see Katya with children before the Russian fascists attacked Ukraine.
Katya had seen many difficulties in her life even before the war, but she remained a cheerful and purposeful person. Her dream was to become a professional journalist. She knows English well.

During her student years, she married in Ukraine a student from an African country who treated her badly, spent the money he earned and did not support his family.

 A few years later he left for his homeland. He left Katya in Ukraine with a young daughter, without financial assistance from him.Katya’s second husband was not a good exception, and although he was from Ukraine, he lived in Germany. This man promised to marry Katya and take her with her child to Germany.

Soon the deception was revealed, it turned out that he already had a family in Germany. Katya was again left alone in Ukraine and already with two daughters.

Only Ukrainians know the truth that single mothers in Ukraine receive practically no help from the state, the help is minimal.
On the basis of life’s troubles and financial difficulties, Katya developed a mental disorder: obsessive fears and thoughts. She had to undergo a course of treatment in the hospital, he gave a good result, but now it is impossible to find a job in her condition.

The war in Ukraine increased all the problems in Katya’s life many times over.

Katya lives with her children in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, a front-line city under fire from Russian rockets.
Elderly parents who receive a minimum pension help Katya with her children.

Katya and her children need constant material support and care from kind people or one kind man who can become her reliable life partner.